Salutem Primary Care Network

A collaboration of 5 General Practices in Leicester covering approximately 50,000 patients.

Salutem PCN was formed in July 2019 as part of the NHS Long Term Plan and is made up of 5 GP Practices geographically located within the East side of Leicestershire.

Together our PCN makes up a joint patient population of approximately 50,000.

The GP Practices that make up Salutem PCN are friendly, like minded Practices that work together cohesively to offer additional and enhanced services to all registered patients.

Our overall aim is to:
  • Improve patient health
  • Provide support and help for those in need
  • To improve access to health care by building a team that can support patients alongside their GP
Our developing team is currently made up of healthcare staff who specialise in:
  • Medication
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Minor Ailments
  • Mental Health
  • Physiotherapy

We are looking to work with our patients in the community more closely in the future to gain a better understanding of what is most important to them, and so that we can improve and develop our PCN an what we have to offer.